Tazeen Dhunna Ahmad

Tazeen Dhunna Ahmad - Founder & Producer

As a daughter of a migrant, a British Citizen, a mother of two and a believer in the power of humanity, I continue to be deeply moved by both the tragedies and the inspiration in this world.

The shocking images of the washed up body of Aylun Kurdi touched a deep sense of disbelief and powerlessness in me. 

So in June 2016, together with my brother and friends, I made my way to Calais. The trip confirmed that we have far more in common than which divides us.

It also raised a deep curiosity about ‘what motivates others to turn up and serve?’. Other questions such as ‘how the crisis is effecting others?'; ‘how it's linked to the rise in Xenophobia?’; and ‘what spiritual lessons to humanity are emerging in the largest crisis since WWII?’ kept coming to heart and mind.

It was at that moment, I realised my background in broadcast journalism and finance, fundraising and philanthropy could be put to use. So, together with my deep longing for my children and my children's children to be part of a world where the unity within humanity is encouraged, humanity's heart was born. I offer heartfelt gratitude to the team of volunteers who have supported this project.