Kerry Lyn Stanton Downes

Kerry-Lyn Stanton-Downes - Consultant

From an early age I was curious about how we perceive and in turn relate with one another. This unrelenting curiosity led me to study within the fields of psychology, philosophy and neuroscience.

I spent many years working with survivors of abuse, and it was here that I witnessed how extraordinarily adaptive we are, the healing power of empathy, compassion and co-operation and, the devastation brought about by ruthlessness, self-interest, violence and fear.  These experiences drove me deeper into the field of relationship therapy as I wanted to understand more about what drives us to believe difference is dangerous and, the conditions necessary for us to actively express empathy, love and kindness. 

As a result of this journey, my life is now dedicated to bringing about a paradigm shift where we understand our problems are born out of our perceptions and actions and that to solve our problems we need to reconnect with our essence allowing us to rethink our perceptions so that we may change our actions – particularly in the face of such widespread human suffering.