World Refugee Day

world refugee day
“Strange to say “Happy #WorldRefugeeDay” when we all wish it was unnecessary. But there is so much to celebrate about refugees: courage; resilience; the indomitable strength of hope and love. Today is for you - who teach us what humanity is. I will always be proud to say I knew you.“
— Catherine Stubberfield (UNHCR)

According to UNHCR's Global Trends, report there are (official count) 68.5million forcefully displaced people in the world. (That's over the total population of the UK, more than the population of France, and also that of Italy). 

As part of #WorldRefugeeWeek Humanity’s Hearts’ films will be aired this weekend on @BritishMuslimTV SKY 762, Freeview 264 or stream online. 

21.00 Saturday 23rd June:  Humanity Rising in the Refugee Crisis

21.00 Sunday 24th June: Lost Generation & Education

It has been just over a year since our screening in London last May. Back then, we managed to raise £11,750, of which £8460 (72%) went to 8 different charities working in the Refugee Crisis across Lebanon, Greece and here in the UK. The remaining £3290 went towards production of our shorter film, Lost Generation & Education. The film, brings to heart the 10million + children who through wars and displacement lost their right to education. We meet amazing initiatives such as Jusoor, Syria and Malaak-Fills-the-Gaps whose dedicated efforts, ensure refugee children receive an education. 

We dedicate the film to Hossamdeen who recently died from cancer. I met him and his son when filming with Malaak-Fills-the-Gaps in Lebanon. His deepest wish was for the children of Syria to continue with their education. He shared with us that to “rebuild a country is easy but to rebuild a generation, that is more difficult.”

It took me personally several months to process a lot of the trauma that I came upon during the filming process. It made me realise the importance of Refugee Trauma Initiative’s work. It was one of the few organisations providing care, support and genuine guidance informed by psychological principles, to help refugees process their experiences and foster their integration into society. The trauma of displacement cannot be underestimated and the work of Refugee Trauma Initiative makes such a profound difference to those whose lives have been turned upside down.

I recently launched another crowdfunding campaign to support RTI, Refugee Action Colchester and to make the films broadcast compliant for BMTV to be able to air them. Heartfelt gratitude extends to all who have supported us. We’ve already managed to hit 65% of our £10,000 target. Any donations made from this point goes to the two charities.

If you’d like to hear directly from refugees who have settled here and the difference Refugee Action Colchester has made to them, on 23rd June, at Firstsite in Colchester from 5-8pm, you can attend “Sharing Stories - Breaking Bread”.

The interactive and informal event will conclude with a delicious meal of bread and soup cooked by the famous Syrian Pop-up Café, which is run by refugees.

I remain humbled by all the volunteers who have turned up in the crisis of our time, the resilience, courage and love of the refugees and to everyone who has supported Humanity’s Heart and made this work possible. 

In gratitude,