Screenings and cookbook!

This Wednesday 14th November, in collaboration with City Circle London and SOAS University, we will be screening Humanity Rising in the Refugee Crisis.

The evening will explore the theme, “Is solidarity transformative?” and the film will be followed by a roundtable discussion on refugees, solidarity and activism. See below for full details on the event (including the speakers).

SOAS Screening.jpg

The film was screened last month at the University of Essex. Syrian born and raised Rahaf Sabha was relocated to the United Kingdom in 2015 (with her husband and children) as part of the Refuge Resettlement Scheme from a Jordanian refugee camp. For her the sharing of the film feels very important. (Rahaf is currently studying LLB and Human Rights at the University of Essex.)

Dr. Carlos Gigoux (Deputy Director Centre for Migration Studies, University of Essex) also shares how the film reminded him of his own journey in stepping up in solidarity for refugees.

We also heard from Syrian born and raised Suhaib Diab. His difficulties and vulnerability moved the audience and also confirmed what Philip Horner (a dedicated and consistent volunteer with Care for Calais) has witnessed. (Watch this space for Philip’s upcoming Blog on his recent trip to Calais).


Finally, Maria Wilby and Iman Mortagy who have been two outstanding volunteers for Refugee Action Colchester are delighted to announce the publication of “Something to Share,” a book of recipes and stories by Refugee Action Colchester.


The Syrian pop-up café has given rise to cultural to cultural understanding, employment opportunities and togetherness in the community, as well as lots of delicious middle-eastern food. “Something to Share”, is about the transformative power of food and community.