Eric Foinquinos

Eric Foinquinos – Composer

Eric has established himself as a prolific composer for TV, film, theatre and online content, as evidenced by his contribution to the Leo Award winning score for PBS’s Secret Files of the Inquisition (aired worldwide), and by his critically acclaimed score for A Burka for Love (aired on Antena3, Spain).
Besides scoring over 100 films for many of Spain’s leading documentary producers, he has composed music for various television series, advertisements, award-winning short films and theatre productions. He has also conducted orchestras in recording his own music at Lincoln Center (NY), Paramount Studios (Hollywood) and throughout Spain. He is currently the principal composer for Micro-Documentaries, a San Francisco-based production company focusing on social innovation for which he has composed over 1,500 songs/themes. He is also currently one of the main composers of original music for Netherlands-based Strix Television (for which he has scored many series currently airing on and San Francisco-based Forward Story Studio.

His music reflects the spirit of the countries he's worked in (Spain, France, USA, Venezuela, Germany) as well as his exposure to a wide variety of influences and close contact with dozens of demanding directors and producers. Partly because of this, Eric understands the power of music to express ideas and emotions, and thus its importance in any audiovisual project. This understanding enables him to use his ample resources as a composer to contribute to the success of any creative vision.

Last summer, Eric spent some time volunteering at the Oinofyta refugee camp as part of Lisa Campbell's "Do Your Part" NGO, which ran the camp. He got to experience up close what it was like to live in a well-managed refugee camp that was "home" to 600 Afghan, Pakistani and Iranian refugees. The wealth of experiences, relationships and emotions he experienced there will stay with him forever.