Sharing stories and connecting with those helping.

Humanity’s Heart was born following a volunteering trip by a small group of us to Calais (The Jungle) in June 2016. 

Through what we saw and heard, we knew we could do more to share the experiences of both those fleeing conflict and those seeking to help them.

Travelling through Calais, Lebanon and Greece, Humanity’s Heart witnesses and shares the experiences of refugees, volunteers, spiritual leaders, politicians and local citizens in what is the biggest challenge the world has faced for over 60 years and which at the moment has no end in sight.

We aim to connect those wishing to help in this crisis with the different initiatives helping in these regions. 






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It always starts with a single person.

Meet the people behind Humanity's Heart

Tazeen Dhunna Ahmad →
Founder & Producer

Emi Polito →
Cameraman & Video Editor

Kai Raisbeck → 
Editor and Camera Man

Jo Fletcher →
Assistant Producer

Julia Ana Katerina

Julia Ana Katarina →
Mezzo-soprano, oud & cello player